FT-RF Standard Gain Horn Antenna, Double Ridged Horn Antenna, Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna

29/12/2021 Posted by: ft-rf.com.tw

The horn antenna is a broadband passive device, shaped like a pyramid horn, referred to as a TEM antenna, which guides the beam of radio waves at a precise frequency. The antenna main body with the bracket using CNC precision manufacturing, and adopt a more weather resistant material aluminum material and the surface through the 6061 and 7071 Aluminum special handling to prevent oxidation.

The advantages of Horn antenna:

- Wide bandwidth: Because the horn antenna has no resonant parts, it can function over a wide range of frequencies.

- Easy waveguide interface: These antennas are very easy to interface to waveguide due to their shape, but they can also be designed with a transition so that a regular coaxial feeder can be used.

- Easy to make, simple design. The application for horn antenna - Antenna feeds for parabolic reflectors

- Radar systems with a short-range

- Obtain standards that are suited for EMC testing and other applications.

FT-RF has many years in designing and producing Standard Gain Horn Antenna, Double Ridged Horn Antenna, Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna.

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