Log Periodic Antenna (LPDA)

The Log Periodic Antenna  as known as LPDA  is a wideband directional antenna that provides gain and directivity combined over a wide band of frequencies.
Both Log-Periodic Antennas and Yagi antennas are high gain directional antennas. The main difference between these antennas is that Log-Periodic Antennas support wider frequency bandwidths and are physically much larger than Yagi antennas.
The log-periodic dipole array typical VSWR is 2:1 and operates over a much wider bandwidth and will have a lower gain for an equivalent number of elements.
With this level of performance, it is ideal for many applications, although a log-periodic antenna will be much larger than a Yagi of an equivalent gain.

The feature of these antennas are:

  • EMC/EMI pre-compliance test antenna.
  • Very high gain over the full frequency range.
  • Meets latest EMC standards up to 7GHz.
  • Suitable even for immunity measurements

Frequency: 80MHz to 300MHz

Gain: 7dBi

Weight: 4kg

Dimension: 1800x1900x200mm

250MHz to 2400MHz Log Periodic Antenna (LPDA) NEW
  • Frequency: 225 MHz to 3000 GHz
  • LxWxH: 670x540x80mm
  • N.W.: 1.45 KG
  • In Stock: 10 - Delivery in 15 days

2.3GHz to 6.2GHz PCB Log Antenna

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Frequency: 2.3GHz to 6.2GHz
LxWxH: 66x10x105mm
N.W.: 10g

  • Frequency: 30MHz to 3GHz
  • LxWxH: 1548x975x438mm
  • N.W.: 5.2 KG
  • Frequency: 30MHz to 7GHz
  • LxWxH: 1260x1160x590mm
  • N.W.: 7 KG
  • In Stock: 5 - Delivery in 15 days