RF Connector MAX Power Vs Frequency

01/03/2022 Posted by: ft-rf.com.tw

The below power chart is a theoretical representation of a matched impedance connection (50 ohms) and VSWR < 1.35:1. Under these circumstances, approximately 97.7% of incident power will be delivered to the load, thus resulting in minimal reflected power. This will reduce the power handling capability of the cable assembly by as much as 50%. Power handling can vary greatly depending on VSWR, environment, connector manufacturer, etc. Actual maximum power levels at lower frequencies would be subject to internal voltage breakdown in the connector. This value is determined by the equation P=k/¡ÔF, where k 5 of 6
082010 is a constant, P is power in watts and F is the frequency in MHz. This assumes a maximum accepted power at a given frequency.

For example:

 the N-type connector will handle 1000W @ 1GHz.
The table below further defines maximum frequency, power, and coupling torque parameters for the RF connectors covered in this application note.

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