WR137 5.825GHz to 8.2GHz 10dbi Standard Gain Waveguide Horn Flange Type:01 Antenna N-Female

Model No: HS-137-UAR-10A-NF

  • Frequency: 5.85GHz to 8.2GHz
  • Waveguide Coaxial Adapter Model: WC-137-NF-A1
  • Waveguide input Model: WI-137-A1-10 
  • Connector: Stainless steel N-Female
  • Waveguide Type:WR137 / WG14 /R70 
  • Waveguide Flange :UDR 70 / UER 70 / CPR 137F / CMR 137


  • EMI/EMC testing, direction finding, surveillance, and antenna gain measurements.
  • Calibration devices that measure the gain of other antennas


  • Uniform Gain
  • Aluminum metal alloy
  • Consolidated performance database

Mechanical Specifications

Original Model HS-13710A-NF
N.W. 0.38 KG
LxWxH 148x67x52mm
Frequency 5.85 GHz to 8.2 GHz
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
Max Power Continuous Power 250W
-3dB Beam-width Horz. 40 Deg Vert. 42 Deg
Connector Stainless Steel N-Female
Styling  WR-137/ WG14/ R70
Gain 10 dbi