700MHz - 8GHz 開放邊界的超寬帶雙脊化喇叭天線 700MHz to 8GHz Open Boundary Double Ridge Broadband Horn Antenna 700MHz to 8GHz Ăng ten sừng siêu rộng đơn phân cực băng thông rộng mở

Model No: HB-07M08G-NF

Product Datasheet: Download

  • Frequency: 700MHz-8GHz
  • Gain: 3dbi to 12dBi
  • Dimension (WxHxL): 178x237x250mm
  • N.W.: 1.06 KG


  • 700MHz to 8GHz Open Boundary Double Ridged Horn Antenna
  • 6061 Aluminum metal alloy
  • Stainless Steel N-female
  • Taiwan Design, Made in Taiwan


  •  High Power 500W (peak) 300W (Cont)
  •  DC Short lightning protection
  •  Low VSWR
  •  Uniform Gain
  •  Consolidated performance database

Mechanical Specifications

Model :HB-07M08G-NF
W x H x L178x237x250mm
Connector :N-Female
Styling :Open Boundary Horn
Gain :3dbi-15dBi
-3db Beamwidth :17 deg - 70 deg
N.W. :1.06 KG
Frequency :700MHz - 8GHz
Polarization :Vertical or Horizontal