WR159 4.9GHz - 7.05GHz N-Female 波導同軸適配器法蘭:type01(鋁) WR159 4.9GHz to 7.05GHz N-Female Waveguide Coaxial Adapter Flange:type01(Aluminum) WR159 4.9GHz - 7.05GHz N-Female Mặt bích bộ chuyển đổi đồng trục ống dẫn sóng: type01 (Nhôm)

Model No: WC-159-A1-NF

Frequency: 4.9GHz to 7.05GHz
LxWxH: 48.4x85.92(Round)
N.W.: 0.245 KG
Flange: Type01
Maximum Continuous Power: 250W
Waveguide Type: WR159 / WG13 / R58
Connector: Stainless steel N-Female
Waveguide Flange: UDR 58 / UER58 / CPR159F / CMR 159