1075 MHz - 1375 MHz 精密套管偶極天線 SMA-Female 接頭 1075 MHz to 1375 MHz SMA-Female Precision Sleeve Dipole Antenna 1075 MHz đến 1375 MHz Ăng ten lưỡng cực ống bọc với đầu nối SMA-Female

Model No: SL-1200-SF

Frequency: 1075MHz to 1375MHz
Gain: 2.15dbi +-1dbi
Dimension: 290x26x26mm
N.W.: 220g
Connector: SMA-Female (N-Female custom)



  • 1075 MHz to 1375 MHz Band Omni Directional antenna
  • Gain reference, low gain antenna efficiency reference, and chamber reflectivity evaluation


  • Superior performance
  • Lightweight
  • Good appearance design
  • Precision Gain for Range Calibration
  • Avoid interfering with the antenna's effectiveness by avoiding cable and feed point contacts.
  • (CTIA) +/- 0.1 dB symmetry requirement for ripple test measurements